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"The client really appreciated the quality of the work"

Translation agency

"Our client is very happy with your suggested slogans for their transcreation project, which they have validated through consumer testing and find to be very dynamic and impactful."

Translation agency

"The client is really delighted with the high standard of your work."

Translation agency

"We regularly call on Pippa’s services for our clients in the cosmetics, marketing and tourism sectors. Pippa is an experienced, punctual and responsive translator, who treats all our projects very conscientiously and professionally, whether they are small or very large projects."

Translation agency

"The client was very happy with your translation. Thanks for all the work you put in to this project."

Translation agency

"The client was very happy with your work and would like you to work on their translation projects moving forward."

Translation agency



French - English freelance translator

with Master's level Diploma in Translation | Providing high quality translation

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