As well as translation, I also provide complementary services, all with the end result of a polished piece of text in English that has the impact you're looking for.

I work on French>English translation projects for clients ranging from beauty and fashion to security solutions and dental products. A native English speaker, I hold a BA degree in French, a Diploma in Translation, and I am an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. I am an extension of your team and work with you, with a spirit of collaboration and shared goals. I want the best end result for you, and I always keep your objective in mind.  


If you need a transcript of any audio files, such as conferences, interviews or podcasts, I also offer a transcription service.  


During my marketing career, carefully crafting copy for brochures, websites, email campaigns and marketing concepts was one of my strengths. It's this skill that sets my translations apart, as to be a good translator, you also have to be a good writer. When working on a copywriting project, I first understand the target audience, the intended impact, tone of voice, brand personality and the essence of the brand - to ensure the copy resonates with your target audience, has the desired impact, and is consistent with your brand. 


Whether it's finessing a text to ensure an optimal end result, or reworking copy from an email marketing campaign that has been translated but is not getting the expected clickthrough rate, I can help.  


The final touch to ensure your text in English is free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. It's the final step I carry out for all my translations, and I offer this service for any text in English, including translations. I use best practice proofreading techniques to ensure no detail is missed. 


We've all seen an ad or tagline that has been badly translated. Rather than achieving the intended impact, it leaves an unfavourable impression of the brand and undoubtedly affects the result of the campaign. Transcreation is a creative form of translation - essentially a combination of translation and copywriting - which helps you achieve a particular impact and business result. It's ideal for marketing content, in particular straplines, email marketing and ads. When your copy is transcreated by a native speaker, you ensure your content is localised, sounds natural in the target language, and resonates with your target audience. 



French - English freelance translator

with IoLET Level 7 Diploma in Translation | SDL Trados Studio 2019